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4 Bangles w/oval engravable tag


Four sterling silver bangle bracelets with oval engravable tag. Each bracelet features a different texture design. Oval tag measures 24mm x 19mm.

IMPORTANT MUST DO: This is a custom piece of jewelry, for us to get it correct follow these steps. Do not hit the BUY IT NOW button as this will not let you customize instead hit the ADD TO CART button. After you have added to cart follow this link and add it to the cart as well.

Once done you then click on the cart it will take you to the cart page which at the bottom there will be a note section. This is what we need in the notes


1, Exact name or words to be engraved, Type is case sensitive and item will be engraved on how you submit it

2, Block or Script font, We can also do monogram initials 

After you have added your notes click the checkout button. Don't worry if something isn't right we will call to verify.